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匿名ユーザーの発言:: Do you have any tips on how to create a gyaru makeup look for girls with long lower lashes? I'm caucasian and my lower eyelashes are naturally long and dark, so using false lower lashes to enlarge my eyes always ends up looking awful (Like I have two sets of lower lashes). Can I work with my natural lashes? I'm afraid my eyes will end up looking too top heavy!

I’d suggest using mascara and apply a natural bottom lash, like Dolly Wink 05, to near your lash line. And use eyeliner from the inner to middle of your bottom waterline, leaving the outer part of the waterline empty or line it with white eyeliner. This will give a the slight droopy effect without giving the effect of having two sets of lower lashes. I hope it helps!

tangovontusselの発言:: how do u contour your nose?

To contour: KATE Eyebrow Palette EX-4


To highlight: Lightest color (b) on DollyWink Eyeshadow Palette #1 Brown


匿名ユーザーの発言:: with the droopy eye look I meant that when I do it and place the bottom lashes low you can see my real ones because they are dark so it looks like I have 2 pairs of bottom lashes under eachother, do u know how to make my real lashes less noticeable please

I’d suggest you fill in the space between your real lash line and fake bottom lashes. Use a dark eyeshadow to shape your bottom lid, concentrate on pulling the shape of the outer corners lower and thinly line your waterline to create the droopy effect.

Another method you can try, is to use mascara on your bottom lashes, and then use voluminous bottom falsies to blend in naturally. Only place them on the outer corner to droop the outer corners, for the droopy effect.

Also, try to find longer lower lashes so you can glue them closer to your real lashes but at the same time, the length is long enough to extend your droopy eyeshape.

匿名ユーザーの発言:: My circle lenses expired and I'm planning on getting new ones. Are there any lenses you recommend? I'm not too picky with colours.

Haha this is a pretty vague question! Instead of specific lens, I’d recommend some series and similar designs for you to check out and see what you think ^^ If any of my followers wanna pitch in, feel free :D I’d love to know what you think too~

Comfort - Myself and many people consider EOS to be fairly comfortable brand. Geo is another great brand, but for me, they are just so-so in comfort.

Brown - Brown lenses are more on the natural side, Geo Princess Mimi Almond definitely comes to mind! Geo also has many natural brown lenses like the hurricane series and grang grang choco/brown series. For more dramatic ones with light brown color, check out Geo starmish brown, i.Fairy Dolly+ brown, Moe Moe brown, EOS blytheye brown

Natural eyes - Lenses like Puffy 3 tone series gives a very natural effect that makes you look like you naturally have that eye color. Generally doesn’t have a black limbal. A dashed outline also creates a natural, less harsh effect. 

Speckled patterns - Geo nudy series are a popular series that blends well and gives a nice pixelated effect. The Princess Mimi are beautiful in colors and well-blended designs too! The speckled/pixel pattern gives a nice striking effect that can blend easily.

Diamond patterns - They give your eyes that sparkle! May be slightly dramatic but really pretty

Seashell designs - Basically they are designs with black limbal rings and a smooth gradual color that blends well to your eyes. Lens from Dueba/G&G has great seashell designs and are great for everyday lens.

Dolly lens - The most famous ones are Barbie King or Geo angel series! There are also many similar ones like EOS Light Pop series, Vassen also has a few that are the same designs but larger diameter. They are a classic design with thick limbal ring and a unique “cartoon-like” design that makes you look dolly. Their colors aren’t necessary pigmented though.

Opaque lens - I highly recommend EOS Blytheye series, they are really opaque, blends well to pupil and gives great color. Brands like I.fairy, vassen and Kimchi also makes great opaque lens

Enlargement - Look for lens with black limbal ring, really makes a difference to outlining and making your eyes pop in contrast to the colors. Brands like I.Fairy, Kimchi and Vassen make lenses 16mm (despite what the lens website says!! All their lenses are 16mm). I own a few pairs. They aren’t necessary “unnatural” and “alien eyes”, really depends how you wear them and how big your actual eyes are. Comfort-wise, I think they are comfortable for their size. Black lenses are also great for enlargement but they might make your eyes look buggy, looks pretty exotic on light colored eyes IMO :D

匿名ユーザーの発言:: Your blog and you are both so wonderful ;~; Your posts on false eyelashes are super helpful, even though I'm not gal! I was wondering how you clean your eyelashes, though. Do you have any tips to make lashes last a long time? Also, do you have any recommendations for stacking lashes that aren't too shiny? Thanks girl <3

Thank you! Glad it was helpful ^^ Okay the first question “How I clean my lashes”. I hold onto the lashes and carefully pull the dried glue out with tweezers. Start from one end and try to pull it out in a string. I do this every 2-3 wears. Also since I stack lashes, I watch out not to pull the band of one lashes. Sometimes if you can’t get every bit out, don’t strain it! I rather use the dried glue as a base for the band(s) , and you can’t feel it once you put glue on top / wear it.

“Tips to make lashes last longer” Keep it in a eyelash box, careful not to close while some lashes are sticking out. Also, apply waterproof mascara over it. I use Majolica Majorca Lash Expander, that stuff won’t budge! Also when you clean the lashes, be gentle with the bands.

“Stacking lashes that aren’t too shiny?” Lol i don’t really understand but stack lashes with thin layer of glue and use tweezers. Be wary of which lashes have a more curvature. Place that below so the lashes can blend in together. And to remove shininess, apply mascara to top and bottom of the lashes ^^

匿名ユーザーの発言:: Do you sometimes get people laughing at you or looking at you weirdly or making fun of you because of your style? I would like to be able to be as confident as you and wear a daring style like that, but I'm just really afraid of people's reaction even though I know I should just do what makes me happy and not care about them... you're gorgeous by the way!

Thank you sweet-anon! There’s so many feelings/things in answering your questions, I hope I explain myself well

I wouldnt say: “I’m a confident person, hence I wear a daring style”. Instead, “I enjoy wearing a daring style because it gives me the confidence I lack” would describe me more. (On another note, is it that daring??)

The way I want to present myself in public is the best, dressed up version of me. In public, I can separate people and their responses into 4 categories: 1) The intimidated starers, 2) The complimenters, 3) The flirters, 4) My self-conscious.

To be honest I haven’t encountered snobby strangers who point, laugh, mock or make rude comments. Also, I do get compliments from girls and attention from guys.. and as wrong as it sounds, it reassures me what I wear isn’t ridiculous or horrible. Instead, its my self-conscious that makes me feel uncomfortable with strangers.. then it leads to me thinking they are staring and laughing at me. But in reality, I believe (and been told many times) that people who DO stare is because they like what they see and is intrigued by the style, in a positive way. Most of the time it’s not people that makes me feel ugly, but it’s my consciousness that I can’t enjoy myself, my style or activities. However if I feel like my outfit, makeup, hair is onpoint, I don’t feel as conscious. It makes me happy that I can dress what I like and I really enjoy the creativity. It gives me confidence and I like the person I visually become. I find it ironic that gyaru is dressed to be (sometimes) eye-catching, overdone and flashy glamourous. Yet we all get self-conscious doing it :P 

If not, most people stare at you because you’re overly dressed at 2pm on the weekday… heck I would wonder and stare too but it’s all innocent! Don’t get too caught up on it!

My advice for you is to believe in yourself. Be comfortable and believe your style is glamourous to all eyes, YOURS and others (but mostly yours). Of course, coordinating, improvement and effort plays a big part. Keep improving!!!! That way you KNOW there is nothing worth to be criticized, by yourself or others… (My safe-proof way of preventing a broken self-esteem lol). The best part about fashion is being able to stay true to yourself and express your style. As long as you like it and enjoy yourself in the fashion, what other people think will barely matter. We’re only young once :)

匿名ユーザーの発言:: Did your circle lenses hurt when you first began wearing them? I bought my first pair in December, and I found that each time I put them on, my eyes would be quite uncomfortable for anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Last time I wore them two weeks ago, they were hurting me so much I had to throw them out because I was outside, and didn't have my lens care stuff with me. :(

I’ve always had bad luck with circle lenses :( I only have one pair that I can say 90-100% comfortable but the rest are never perfectly comfortable… mostly along the stinging to “something in your eye” sensation. Over hours my eyes gets tired, dry and red. Honestly I can’t wear circle lenses often because of naturally dry eyes and high risk of hereditary eye diseases…

BUT, i’m very strict with contact hygiene so the lenses won’t harm my eyes as much. I clean my lenses before and after wearing them, with basic contact solution. Also, I now clean my lenses once a week with aosept disinfecting solution, the best way to clean contact lenses. Basically it is a strong hydrogen peroxide solution that undergoes chemical reaction that create bubbles, and the bubbles help remove any dirt, bacteria, protein residue from the lenses. 

Also clean hands and nails are very important! My optometrist was very against me having long nails especially dealing with contact lenses.. so I had to cut them off for a few months to let my eyes rest too. Not only can the nails scratch your eyes but can scratch the contact lenses, which can in return damage your eyes.

Always use clean AND new eye drops! Preferably the ones that comes in individual little plastic tubes, they are only recommended for one-day use. My dad uses medical eyedrops, which helps him manage his eye problems but has side-effects & potential to develop other eye disease conditions, especially you have hereditary and/or problematic eyes. Personally I would try to avoid medical eyedrops (ie. anti-red, anti-dry) because the medical chemicals can give adverse affects in the long run. Try to stick to natural eye drops, if not, you should always change them every 3 months.

If you feel your eyes are tired, don’t force them through a day wearing contacts! Give your eyes rest in between. Put eyedrops before and after application/removal of circle lenses. Clean and rub your lenses with appropriate solutions. Basic contact lenses care~~ yeah. And if all fails, I would highly suspect it is a defective lens .. and you can’t really do anything about it ;__; my reason for that is cuz out of many lenses i’ve tried, one would always be comfortable no matter the occasion so the others may have some problems within. 

ladyadmirationの発言:: hello there. do you have any tips for putting on fake lashes? whenever i put them on my eyes feel uncomfortable and i can see the end of the lashes when i open my eyes.

Hello! Based on personal experience:


  • Buy thin band
  • Soften the band by curving the two ends after you have applied glue
  • Apply the lash starting not too close at the inner corner so you don’t accidentally glue it too close (if you start glueing from the outer corner instead)
  • Position the lash flaring upwards to avoid droopy/heavy lashes that block eye sight (it is normal but if it bothers you, just push your lashes up)
  • Keep the band clean (no dried glue etc.)
  • Strong glue, so it doesn’t fall off and irritate/poke around your eyes
  • Apply not too much but not too little glue
  • Apply when 75-80% dry, I personally glue it exactly on the position i want and in one try to avoid loosing glue (from sliding/moving around) and the first “contact” is the strongest in keeping lashes on all night. Place only the inner lashes in the inner corner, if the glue is tacky enough it should stick on without sliding around. Hold onto the outer end of the lashes (that isn’t glued on yet) and lightly tug and place down how you like them to be. Don’t place the entire lash on, it’s easier to glue the inner half, then the outer half.


  • Don’t glue too close to inner corner
  • Don’t glue too close to real eyelashes to avoid fake/real lashes poking at different directions due to glue or blinking
  • Upper lashes have more “vigor” so it may affect lower lashes when blinking etc.
Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh